Canes Need a Winning Streak, Starting with FSU

After a series of heartbreaking overtime losses, the Canes have fallen to 4-7 in ACC play and desperately need to rack up a few more conference wins to keep those NCAA tourney hopes alive. The good news for UM is that the remaining ACC teams left to play are more than beatable.

Tonight at 7, the Canes will play rival FSU in Tallahassee, after beating the team earlier in the season. The Seminoles are coming off of their worst loss of the season against Wake Forest, and a loss by either might damage their chances for a bid. If Miami can hand FSU a thorough beating, it stands a good chance of ending out the regular season with a winning streak.

On Saturday, UM will have a home-court rematch against Boston College, a team the Canes beat in January. After that, they have home games against Virginia and Georgia Tech, which are respectively 2-8 and 1-10 in ACC play. They should be easy wins, unless something catastrophic happens. Then, on March 7, UM has a chance to redeem one of those OT losses with a rematch against NC State.

FSU, BC, and NC State might prove challenges, but it's nothing like the gauntlet of Duke, UNC, and Wake Forest that the Canes have just fallen to.

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