Canes Headed to Champs Sports Bowl; Iowa and Georgia Tech Set for Orange Bowl

You might as well call this year's Champs Sports Bowl "The Shalala Bowl," because Miami's current President and University of Wisconsin's former Chancellor Donna Shalala might be the person most excited by the match-up. Maybe the only person? 

Yes, that means The Gator Bowl's nefarious scheme to pick a 6-6 FSU because Bowden is retiring played out. They'll play West Virginia, where Bowden used to coach. Though, does anyone alive remember when Bowden actually coached WV? Anyone? Whatever. This bowl system means nothing, and if the Gator Bowl wants to underscore, than good for them. 

Miami will play a ranked team in Florida on Dec 29th, so it's not so bad. A win would give the Canes a 10-win season, and playing a ranked team might make that potential W spring board them a little hire up in the final polls. They're number 14 in the current AP poll, by the way. 15 in the final BCS standings.

Though, falling to the Meineke Car Care Bowl (the name aside) wouldn't have been so bad. The 'Canes would have played a similarly ranked Pitt, who are a regular season opponent next year. Hell, we wouldn't have mind seeing the team falling all the way to the Emerald Bowl this year. A USC/UM match-up would be epic, no matter what the circumstance. Maybe one day the Championship game?

In other news, prepare for a bunch of Iowans and nerdy Georgians to be wandering around town come January 5th. Perhaps the best 2-loss teams in the nation, Iowa and Georgia Tech, are set for the Orange Bowl. Hey, remember what happened the last time GT played in Land Shark stadium? Oh, that's right. Miami beat them. Though, the ACC is 1-8 in BCS bowl games this decade, so maybe there's some conference bragging right premium in nominally rooting for Georgia Tech?

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Kyle Munzenrieder