Caitlyn Jenner already has a new reality show on E! Network.
Caitlyn Jenner already has a new reality show on E! Network.
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Caitlyn Jenner Is All About Money, Not LGBT Rights

Caitlyn Jenner's coming-out party doesn't help the transgender community move forward. Though Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, is on the cover of Vanity Fair and stars in her own E! reality show, it's clear the onetime decathlon champion is just looking to cash in on her transition from a man to a woman.

There's nothing the Jenners and Kardashians won't do to sensationalize themselves to stay on the fame gravy train.

Unfortunately, the media and the American public feed into this family's bullshit. Since the sex tape of Jenner's stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, leaked in 2003, the family has been focused on only one thing: breaking the internet. Everything they do has to be broadcast to the world.

Jenner claims she's putting herself out there to raise awareness about the struggle of transgender people. If that were true, she wouldn't be trying to get paid for it. She's not appearing on E! for free.

Caitlyn Jenner Is All About Money, Not LGBT Rights (2)

Also, Jenner is not the first famous person to transition. Remember Chelsea Manning? She used to be Bradley Manning, the Army private sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of classified documents to WikiLeaks. Or how about pro tennis player Renee Richards? In 1977, the New York Supreme Court ruled that Richards, born a man, could compete in tournaments as a woman. That was a landmark decision for transgender rights.

Then there's Rodrigo Lehtinen, the son of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. He was born a girl named Amanda. His transition helped convince his mother, a staunch Republican, to cosponsor a bill in 2011 that aimed at repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. (The bill never went anywhere, though the U.S. Supreme Court threw out parts of the law.)

Jenner will do anything to stay in the spotlight. Next thing you know, she'll announce she has her own sex tape with porn star Lex Steele.

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