Buy Nothing Day

Ah, the holidays. Today is a great day to kick back, enjoy the South Florida weather and eat a nice leftover turkey sandwich. But not for some losers, who interrupted their Thanksgiving night to stand in line for several hours at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Brandsmart so they could get the deals.

The Herald covered this story extensively this morning, and this was the passage that enraged me as I sipped my morning coffee:

"At Brandsmart's loading area, Sean Michaloski watched as workers crammed two giant TVs and a home theater system into his Toyota Camry.

''This is Christmas for me,'' Michaloski said. ``Christmas isn't the same without all this stuff.''

Hunh. I thought Christmas was about the baby Jesus and all that stuff. But whatever. Jesus would have wanted us to have a home theater system!

For those who are disgusted by Black Friday and all of its excesses, consider celebrating Buy Nothing Day today. --Tamara Lush


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