Bush and Rubio's Playground Spat Continues: "You're Short" and "Oh, well, You're a Train Wreck"

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Despite the fact that neither Marco Rubio nor Jeb Bush is the frontrunner in the GOP race, the pair and their political PACs continue to duke it out in a fight that's beginning to seem as much like a playground fight as it does an odd personal matter. In today's episode, Bush called Rubio short, while Rubio's PAC dubbed Bush a "train wreck." 

Bush was once considered Rubio's mentor and even gave him a sword when the younger politician took the office of speaker of the state House while the elder was serving as governor. Though, it seems as if they weren't that close after all, because the gloves have come off while both seek the Republican nomination for president. 

Yesterday Bush's super PAC unleashed a bizarre music video set to a parody of "These Boots Are Made for Walking" that attacked Rubio as an effeminate flip-flopping party boy. It was the latest in a string of Rubio attack ads produced by Bush's Right to Rise PAC. The PAC can't coordinate directly with the candidate, but Bush himself piled on Rubio this morning while guesting on MSNBC's Morning Joe

“Look, I think we need leaders that run to the challenge, run to the fire to try to solve the problem rather than cut and run if there’s a problem," Bush said, according to Politico. "And there are a lot of elected officials these days that don’t accept responsibility for the challenges that we face. I’m a problem solver. I see a problem, and I accept responsibility and try to fix things. I don’t say the dog ate my homework or there’s, you know, someone else’s fault."

The remarks seemed aimed at Rubio, who has missed several votes for various reasons throughout his term representing Florida in the U.S. Senate.

"We’re not electing a backbencher to the United States Senate," Bush said, hitting the point home. "We’re electing president of the United States, which means you have to lead.”

The hosts then asked Bush if he owns any fancy, high-heeled boots like the ones Rubio was spotted wearing last week. 

“I don’t have a height issue," the six-foot-three candidate replied. 

So, basically, Bush called Rubio a short benchwarmer. 

Rubio's super PAC, meanwhile, hit back with its own ad, basically calling Bush's campaign a train wreck that was obsessed with attacking Rubio.

So why are these two fighting so much despite the fact that they're sitting in third and fifth place? Seems both campaigns are operating somewhat under the assumption that the Trump bubble will soon burst, that Ted Cruz will get the support of only the party's more conservative and religious right voters, and that one of the two will emerge as the clear mainstream choice for the nomination. 

In the meantime, they look like squabbling children. 

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