British Drag Comedian Detained at MIA for Sounding Cuban

"I've just been to hell folks and it's called Miami airport," say British comedian Paul O'Grady who rose to fame as his drag alter ego Lily Savage.

O'Grady was on his way back to Britain from a holiday in Peru, and had a stop over at Miami International Airport where he was detained for questioning. 

The Mirror reports that it was because custom officials thought he sounded Cuban, and thought he may be trying to illegally enter the country. 

You can hear O'Grady's voice in this clip from his interview with Lady Gaga. Doesn't sound Cuban to me. He says "hummus" awkwardly, but maybe that's a British thing. 

We're assuming, like for his talk show, O'Grady doesn't pull out the wig and stilettos for international travel either. Though, Lily Savage doesn't sound too Cuban either

All in all O'Grady was detained for two hours while authorities verified his identity. They could have just put his name into YouTube, like we did, and cut that time down to about 5 minutes. 


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