Bringing Guns Into Child Care Centers: Florida Democrat Realizes That's Probably Not a Good Idea

Earlier this year, the Republican-controlled Florida legislature passed an NRA-backed law that required all municipal governments to abolish their local gun control laws. Problem is, the state of Florida doesn't exactly have that many gun control laws, so now licensed gun owners across the state are free to carry their guns into places like government and child care centers. State Rep. Lori Berman, a Democrat form Delray Beach, has realized that's maybe not the best idea.

Berman has now filed a bill that would prevent people from bringing guns into government buildings and child care centers with at least the intention of starting a debate about the new reality of Florida's gun laws according to the Sunshine Slate.

Berman was urged to file the bill by local officials in Palm Beach County after the local government had to remove many of their gun control laws from the books. Municipalities in Miami-Dade were also forced to pull their gun laws. For example, locals are now free to take their guns to parks.

"We must protect our children when parents enroll them in a childcare facility," says Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson in a statement. "Guns do not belong there. We must protect the people who visit their local government offices."

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