Bring Soccer Back: Ten Reasons Miami Is Ready for an MLS Team

On Monday, ESPN reported that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is planning to partner with David Beckham to bring an MLS expansion team to Miami.

MLS commissioner Don Garber, meanwhile, has said three of the four expansion sites after New York City FC have been "spoken for." Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta are rumored to be three candidates, with Miami being the most likely of the three, with Beckham in its corner. The MLS plans to field 20 teams in 2015 and as many as 24 teams between 2015 and 2020, making it extremely likely the league will return a team to the city that once hosted the Miami Fusion from 1997 to 2001.

It's high time for the MLS to return to Miami, and here are ten reasons.

There are some strong similarities to a great soccer crowd and a serious rave.

No one does over-the-top celebrating like Miami, except for a forward celebrating a golazo.

All those fans who used to spend money on the Marlins need something else to spend their cash on.

The MLS has teams in places like Salt Lake and Kansas City, so let's face it -- they could use a fan base that would sexy up the league.

Miami in the summertime is beautiful. Soccer is the beautiful game. Ergo...

Miami is full of Latin dads who love soccer. I'm pretty sure that's not just a stereotype.

No living human being is more Miami than Posh Spice...

except maybe David Beckham.

In August, we put 67,000-plus asses in the seats for a Real Madrid vs. Chelsea match at Sun Life Stadium.

And if anyone mentions the Miami Fusion, remind them that team played in Fort Lauderdale. You Inception'd our asses, MLS, and we deserve a do-over.

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