Breaking News - The Tuna Fires Cam Cameron

The Cam Cameron era is over. He and his talking penis have been fired.

Bobby Knight and his friendship with Bill Parcells clearly wasn't enough to save Cam's ass from the inevitable. It's 1-15 and done. It's kinda sad, really. Like when a goldfish dies. You knew it was coming. And you sort of couldn't wait for it to happen because who has time to feed a fucking goldfish all the live long day? Who am I, Ernie?

Then you wake up, the goldfish is dead, and you sort of feel sad. Then you flush it down the toilet and move on with your life.

Oh, and it looks like Jeff Ireland is one bad mother fucker of a nerd. Because he axed pretty much the entire coaching staff except for linebackers coach George Edwards and special assistant Steve Hoffman. Two guys I didn't know existed until this very moment. Also gone -- finally! -- Mike Mularkey! That dude had more lives than a cat in a burning building. Coincidentally, he had cat shit for brains.

The firing of Cam Cameron means the Dolphins just got 5 percent less funny. But 10 percent more bad-ass.

And I'll take it. Because if it means we're suddenly, you know, relevant in the NFL again, and if it means we get ourselves a coach and players who'll rip Tom Brady a new asshole again and again for the next 10 years, then hey, I'm all for it. -- Chris Joseph

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