Lolo Reskin

Break In at Sweat Records

A gang of local thugs broke in, burgled and trashed our beloved Sweat Records over the weekend, stealing almost everything of value and destroying nearly everything else. According to Sweat’s site, gone are the “store computer, credit card terminal, video projector, entire DJ/sound setup, cash drawer and more.”

Worse, the thieves, for no reason whatsoever, also smashed the magnificent saltwater reef tank, a custom installation from Coralmorphologic which boasted rare coral and exotic creatures, including the store’s coveted clown fish (which may have survived).

Lolo Reskin

Ironically, Sweat had just last week unveiled Claude Picasso’s Wall of Idolatry, a half-block long mural which honors history’s greatest music-makers and beautifies the ‘hood. Maybe the perps didn’t dig Picasso’s representation of Prince, or the fact that there’s Biggie but no Trick, Billie but not Rhianna, or perhaps they simply were shaken by the visage of Serge Gainsborough. Whatever it was, there is no excuse for what they did to this institution, or to the whole of Miami’s creative community.

Real players don’t break into and destroy mom-and-pop shops, losers do. Which means that whoever you are, you are nothing but a bunch of losers. And if the Miami Police Department doesn’t get you, karma will. If, that is, a swarm of pissed-off indie kids don’t get to you first. Let’s hope it’s all three.

Lolo Reskin

But no dumb thugs are gonna stop Lolo and the rest of the Sweat family from keeping the dream alive. Tonight’s Music Movie Monday, alas, has been postponed, but Tuesday’s debut of Casa de Ha-Ha will go on as scheduled. Swing through and show your support. And if you can’t, log on to Sweat’s site and drop a couple ducats in their PayPal account. We can’t let losers win.

-- John Hood

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