Bravo! Bravo!

Code Bravo – Code Bravo!

This morning, I had just woken from fitful airplane slumber (in which I slowly poured coffee all over my pant leg), and was hurrying through the Orlando terminal to catch an 11:30 connecting flight to Miami to make a meeting – that sort of thing – when suddenly over the loud speakers I heard this:

Code Bravo! Code Bravo! Code Bravo!

A few minutes later, as TSA agents silently flooded the terminal, a flight attendant calmly explained that there had been “a security breach,” and that the airport would be shut down until further notice. No flights, no way in, no way out.

Oddly enough, a Burger King employee stepped out from behind the counter minutes later to announce that the broiler was not working, and that “we only have fried stuff right now.”

But back to airport security. We may never know what the hell the guys upstairs really mean by all these mysterious code words -- Orange Alert, Yellow Alert, WMD, torture. But since no one seems eager to explain them, I propose that we citizens cobble the mystery together, one bit of information at a time.

Here’s my part: Code Bravo means get some coffee before the line gets too long, and get comfy -- your ass isn’t going anywhere.

Code Bravo lasted about an hour or so before it was lifted, and I arrived in Miami late. I tried to blame it on the terrorists, but that sort of thing never works on a Monday.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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