Brandon Marshall Refuses to Talk to Police About Stabbing Incident

Miami is riding high on a heat wave, but it's only a matter of months until we're forced to turn our attention to the glum Dolphins (baring of course a cancellation of the season). Their off season has been highlighted by misery, none more dramatic than Brandon Marshall being hospitalized after allegedly being stabbed in the stomach by his wife. The Broward Sheriff's Office have yet to bring charges in the case yet. Probably because Marshall has refused to cooperate.

Late last month Marshall ended up at Broward General Medical Center, while his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, for allegedly lodging a kitchen knife into the wide receiver's gut. Though, Nogami-Marshall claimed it was in self-defense.

Few details have come to light since, and Marshall is refusing to talk.

According to Herald reporter Jeff Darlington's Twitter, someone from the State Attorney's Office told him, "Despite numerous efforts, we so far have been unable to get Marshall to agree to voluntarily speak to our office."

Though, a follow up report by The Sun-Sentinel claims that Marshall will talk, eventually. He's upset that "no contact" order was placed on his wife. Something he never asked for.

"Brandon didn't ask for the no contact order, has never felt threatened by his wife, and misses her," Marshall's attorney, Harvey A. Steinberg said. "When [they] drop the no contact order he'll be more than willing to sit down and discuss this matter, bringing some clarity to this unfortunate misunderstanding."

Though, if Marshall refused to cooperate, the BSO may be forced to drop all charges against his wife.

Marshall is expected to return to South Florida sometime this week. He's fully healed from the stabbing, and may join the Dolphin's workouts soon.

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