Brandon Marshall Isn't All That Fired Up About Chad Henne

All season long we heard Brandon Marshall going to bat for Chad Henne during press conferences and post game interviews. No matter how shitty Henne played, Marshall insisted that the duo would be a force to be reckoned with once their chemistry got right.

Well now that the season is all but over, Marshall has come out and pretty much told the media he's not so sure about The Robot anymore:

"Put in the right situation, I'm sure I can be a guy to average 15-16 yards a catch. I don't see why not. Just throw it up, and I'll go get it.

"I don't care if there's one guy on me or two guys on me. There's no excuse for that. Just got to take advantage of what I'm blessed with, my body and my ability."

Marshall's advice to Henne?

"Just got to let it go, you know?" Marshall said. "Don't worry about the consequences. Just throw it up and see what happens. Throw a pick or whatever. Let's live and die by it."

Marshall, who plans to take just two weeks off before resuming his football workouts, mentioned Roddy White (Falcons) and Calvin Johnson (Lions) as downfield threats he should be able to emulate.

"That's something I'm used to in the past," Marshall said. "Just guys believing in me. You make plays like that, you build confidence in each other, you get a little snowball effect. We didn't get that this year, and it's disappointing."

Man talk about a diva. If I had a quarterback who loved to check down to the running back every play and never bothered to throw me the ball or, when he did throw me the ball, threw it four feet over my head, I would totally go to bat for that guy. You got some nerve, Brandon Marshall!

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Chris Joseph