Box of Justin Bieber's Hair, Yes Just the Hair, Will Be Making Appearance in Miami

Justin Bieber, either a cherubic being sent from heaven with the voice of an angel or an obvious agent sent from hell bent on destroying the world depending on your point of view, recently cut his trademark hair. Ellen DeGeneres, who coincidentally now shares a similar coiffure to the Biebz, decided to sell a lock of the hair on eBay. Now it's going to make an in-store appearance at Miami's Lucky Strike Lanes and Bieliebers will get a chance to have their picture taken with the hair. Yes, just the hair. Creepy, right?

The charity auction, which featured the locks in a signed, acrylic cube, was won by the ever publicity hungry Golden Palace online casino. They've loaned the hair to Stone Rose, a men's clothing line, and according to Radar Online, the hair will be making an appearance at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in Miami Beach on March 29th.

This is literally one of the creepiest things we've ever heard of, yet, at least there's an underlying good cause. Fans will be urged to make a donation for the privilege of having their picture with the hair. Proceeds will go to Operation USA to help with the recovery in Japan. The first 50 fans will get a Bieber poster.

We're not sure what happens to the hair afterwords, but we hear its agent is trying to sign it on to a remake of The Addam's Family to play It.

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Kyle Munzenrieder