Bowles To Be the New Defensive Coordinator?

DallasCowboys.com is saying that Cowboys secondary coach Todd Bowles is expected to be named the Dolphins' defensive coordinator.

Bowles is described as a laid back coach, which is something the players in Dallas apparently liked about him. He was at one point interviewed for the head coaching job when Parcells left. But Jerry Jones wanted a guy he could push around and blame when things eventually go horribly wrong, so he went with Wade Phillips instead. Bowles is a hot commodity around league circles.

"Bowles said he has offers from other clubs, including a defensive assistant position in Washington, but said Tuesday as he was leaving for the airport that he will go to Miami and reunite with new head coach Tony Sparano, who had been on the Cowboys staff since 2003."

I like going to airports and just walking around pretending I'm an important business man. I pace around with an empty briefcase, peering at my watch and looking at the flight information screens and shaking my head, frustrated that my flight is delayed and/or canceled. Then someone invariably always tries to make small talk and asks me what I do for a living. But I just point and say, "Look a monkey!" and run off when they look away. I then go into the Duty Free shop where I buy a Toblerone for $22.50. --Chris Joseph

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