Bosh, Wade and James All Sit Out Practice With Injuries

How exactly would the Miami Heat play without Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh or LeBron James? Like the reigning champs of a retirement community's summer league? Like an especially hairy WNBA team? Like the '07-'08 Heat, who went Wade-less much of the season and finished with the worst record in the NBA? Let's hope we don't find out, but the fact that all three superstars sat out practice today reminds us it's possible that all three could be injured at the same time.

Both Bosh and James are out with sprained ankles. James has sat out the last three games (all losses) but is expected to return soon. In fact, it's possible he may hit the court tomorrow night at home against the Hawks, but that decision will come at game time.

Bosh sustained his injury Saturday against the Bulls, but shouldn't be out too long with the mild sprain.

Wade's knee is once again giving him trouble, but he's speculated to be "probable" for the Hawks game.

He also jammed both his wrists during the Bulls games and tells ESPN he was dismayed to hear fans in his hometown cheer as he laid on the arena floor injured. "I was in the fetal position, I hit three parts of my body on that one," Wade said. "For the first time when I went down I heard cheers, I never really heard that before."

Luckily, these mild injuries are coming in the middle of the season, and not the playoffs. So while much ado will be made about any sort of Heat losing streak, just remember: It's better that the Heat give its stars proper time to recover in the regular season. We don't want to be sending that especially hairy WNBA team to the play-offs.

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