Bosh and Wade Have Dinner Date While Riley Woos LeBron With Rings

Dwyane Wade joined Chris Bosh for a dinner date last night in Chicago. Whenever one of our "friends" has a successful date, we want to know one thing, and this is no exception: Will it lead to getting undressed with each other... in the AAA locker room and then putting on matching Heat jerseys for the better part of the next five years or so?

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Pat Riley was spotted with LeBron James's agent at a Ritz-Carlton.

Yep, Bosh tweeted last night that he had a late-night dinner with Wade after day one of free agency. He even tweeted photographic proof:

The dinner isn't exactly all that shocking or necessarily means the two are planning on signing in the same place. They are friends and share the same agent. But if those rumors of both signing with the Heat weren't discussed, we'd be really surprised.

Elsewhere in the Midwest that night, Pat Riley and Micky Arison were spotted preparing for their meeting with LeBron James. The Heat diplomatic crew met late last night at a Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland, according to Clevland.com. Later in the night, LeBron's agent, Leon Rose, joined Riley.

Riley and the Heat crew ended up meeting with James today. Riley is reportedly ready to woo James with jewelry, namely his vast collection of championship rings.

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