Bomb Threat Hoax Shuts Down Kendall Gym; Suspect Claims Police Torture

German Guanchez, 57, stood before a judge yesterday with two black eyes and a "Save the Pumpkins" T-Shirt. Guanchez was in court after allegedly making a fake bomb threat that shut down a Kendall gym. Police can't quite put together a motive, and it does not appear that Guanchez is some sort of pro-pumpkin eco-terrorist.

Allegedly, Guanchez drove his silver sedan to the LA Fitness in Kendall and walked in to inform employees that he had a bomb in his car. Police were called. The gym was quickly evacuated and parts of Kendall Drive between Southwest 162nd and 167th Avenues were shut down for hours.

After an investigation however, police decided that there was not actually a bomb in his car.

Guanchez told the judge he never made the bomb threat, and asked her if she caught the men who had beaten him up. He claimed that three kids were stealing from stores in the area and that they beat him up when he tried to intervene.

Guanchez also claims he was tortured by police and plans to sue.

The judge asked Guanchez if he was being treated for mental health problems. Guanchez replied he didn't have any mental health problems.

He's being held on $7,500 bond for the bizarre bomb threat.

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