Body Parts in Biscayne Bay Case: Police to Re-enact Kidnapping Today

In early June, a biker was pedaling along the 79th Street Causeway when he noticed a suspicious-looking plastic bag bobbing in the murky water.

The cyclist called the cops, who found human body parts inside the bag. So began a three-day saga, as several more bags stuffed with human remains washed ashore along Biscayne Bay.

Police eventually identified the victim as Osben Laparra, a 21-year-old Guatemalan construction worker who was last seen leaving a club on Calle Ocho on May 30. Laparra was seen getting into a small beige car with a Latin man in his mid-30s.

The investigation has since stalled. So later this morning, police will stage a re-enactment of Laparra's last known encounter for the media, Officer Jeffrey Giordano, a Miami PD spokesman, tells Riptide. The faux-kidnapping will happen around 10:45 a.m. in front of the club at 521 SW Eighth St.

If you catch this scene on the evening news and have a sudden flash of memory about that night on Calle Ocho, call the cops at 305-471-TIPS.

(Just make sure you get that reward money before any police officers do...)


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