Body of Florida Crime Reporter Found Encased in Concrete

Sean Dugas used to work the crime beat at the Pensacola News Journal, and sadly his death might be just as bizarre as the crimes he covered. Dugas had been missing since late August. His body was uncovered this weekend, buried in a Georgia back yard in a plastic container encased in concrete. 

Twin brothers now stand accused of the murder.

Dugas was reported missing August 27 by his girlfriend. According to CNN, she had gone to his Pensacola home to pick him up for lunch but discovered he wasn't there. 

Meanwhile, Christopher and William Cormier, 31-year-old twin brothers who have lived in various parts of Georgia and North Florida for the past ten years, returned home to their father's house in Georgia about three weeks ago. They told their father about Dugas's disappearance and claimed they had been taking care of his dog. They admitted to killing the dog, and buried it in the back yard of their father's rental home. 

Police now say they didn't mention to their father that they had also buried Dugas's body in the yard. 

Police, investigating Dugas's disappearance, unearthed the body. It was inside a plastic container that had been encased in concrete. It was positively identified as Dugas. 

The Cormier twins have been charged with murder. The two are being held in separate Georgia jails without bond. 

Dugas worked for the Pensacola paper from 2005 to 2010. 

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