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This week, Transit Miami blogger Tony Garcia wrote about the whole urban development boundary debacle. While county commissioners deny any wrongdoing, it does seem that they getting very friendly with developers looking to build in the Everglades. Garcia had this to say about the commissioners decision to allow developers to build west of the UDB:

Maybe now when the Mayor vetoes this decision, some of the other commissioners will come to their senses and realize that this is a bad idea. The UDB line does not need to move for a long long time. We need to take advantage of the infrastructure that we already have rather than expand. Its very simple math: the more people living in one area the less it costs on a per person basis to provide public services. The same roads and sewers service sprawl neighborhoods at a density of 4 units per acre as they do at 200 units per acre. In a very direct way, our tax dollars go to subsidize neighborhoods whose tax base doesn’t break even.

Miami-Dade, always moving two steps forward and 20 steps back.

- Jose D. Duran

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