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The Miami Herald posted the results of a survey this week that polled Miami-Dade residents on the Miami mega-plan that includes the Marlins stadium, port tunnel, Midtown streetcar and Museum Park. The survey revealed that the majority of voters would like to see the money go toward funding the county's public schools.

Robert, over at 26th Parallel, can't help to interpret the results as proof that Miami-Dade voters are misinformed and have short-term memory when it comes to remembering that how poorly the county manages tax dollars:

All this just tells me that Miami-Dade voters, if accurately represented by this Bendixen poll, are extremely misinformed and don't really think when they go to the polls. They just react based on half-truths and sometimes downright lies, instead of taking the time to become truly informed. I'm sure this is the same across the country, but this poll really spells it out locally, in my view. I understand the strong sentiment that schools should have a very high priority in a community, since I share that view. However, it appears that people are willing to overlook true mismanagement of our tax dollars because it makes them feel good that they're investing in our schools, even if that money ends up going nowhere.

- Jose D. Duran

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