Blog of the Day - Bring Back the Chain Gang?

Miami Vision Blogarama posted an item this morning in support of using prisoners to fill jobs that would be vacated if illegal immigrants were deported en masse:

Yes, we know these are not revolutionary ideas and that it's been done before (and suspect it disappeared over time because of political correctness and economics) but times have changed. If putting prisoners to work in our fields and roads will reduce the cost of living in Florida, we say go for it.

Wow! When you put it so simply, it does sound like a great idea, doesn't it? I'm sure those issues of economics and political correctness can be cast aside without a thought because, after all, "times have changed."

Unfortunately when you take reality into account, and a state like Colorado which has already tried this approach, the "chain gang" idea is exposed for what it is ... idiotic.

Read The Inmate/Immigrant Dilemma from Southwest Florida's blog pages for a broader look at the issue. -- Tovin Lapan


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