Billy Corben Promises Sequel to The U; Trashes University of Miami

Rakontur films has announced a sequel to their documentary The U, which chronicled the Miami Hurricanes football team of the '80s. It became the highest rated documentary in ESPN history. They plan to have the sequel ready for release by December, about one year after the original's premiere. Since The U 2 brings to mind a certain Bono and Edge-led band, filmmakers Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman are searching for an alternative name. Any idea? They'll take them through Twitter.

The film would follow the 'Canes from 1992-2002, which would cover the team's NCAA sanctions to rebounding with a national championship in 2001, a team many consider to be one of the best in all of college football history. They could move past those dates to include events like 7th Floor Crew-gate (Boy, do I remember that, and boy, do I have no comment).

Though if recent online comments made by director Billy Corben, the sequel could have even harsher words for the administration of UM than the original.

Corben was invited to show the extended cut of The U and hold a Q&A session with students on campus as part of the School of Communication's "Communication Week," but was dismayed when the event received little promotion and only 20 students showed up.

He let lose on UM administration in an e-mail to Random Pixels:

I don't mince words on Facebook, Twitter or anyplace else for that matter; I calls it like I sees it. We really do feel like the 'Canes football players of the '80s: totally disrespected by the University of Miami.


Hilariously, they had the temerity to kick-off Communication Week with a seminar on public relations with one of UM's media relations people. That's absurd on its face. UM has the most inept apparatus for public, media and alumni relations of any university in the country. It's Clown Town over there. Amateur hour.
That was a continuation of his rant on Facebook:
This is a University that only cares about the next check you give them. They do not care about their students, alumni, or athletes. It's a big mistake to give them a dime -- especially tuition for a sub par education and useless degree that renders you unemployable in any field but marine biology.
Personally, as a graduate of University of Miami from the same Motion Pictures program as Corben, I'll co-sign on the fact that, indeed, sometimes it is Clown Town over there. That being said I don't remember anything during Communication Week being particularly well promoted, and only remember students showing up to events if a professor required them too.

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Kyle Munzenrieder