Bill Would Require Florida to Buy Only American-Made Flags

Sometimes a politician introduces a bill that makes you think, Yes, that seems like a very sensible idea, before you realize, How big of a problem could that actually pose anyway?

That was our reaction to Florida Rep. Bob Cortes' "All-American Flag Act," which forbids Florida or any county, or municipality therein, from purchasing an American flag that was made outside the United States.

The proposed law would also mandate that any "articles, materials, or supplies" used to make the flag must be "grown, produced, and manufactured in the United States."

Similar bills were introduced in the state house and senate last year but didn't go far. The house version only passed a subcommittee.

Perhaps you're wondering, though, How big is the problem with American flags not being made in the States? Well, it's not that huge.

The Huffington Post reported in 2012 that of America's $300-million-a-year American flag industry, about $3.6 million worth of flags were imported from China. Coincidentally, the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (yes, there is a flag-makers lobby) offers a certification program for flags made in the USA with all-American materials.

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Kyle Munzenrieder