Bill Virtually Outlawing Sale of Bongs Heads to Governor

Rep. Darryl Rouson, a former crackhead and current Democrat from Tampa Bay, has successfully headed his pet bill, which would make it virtually impossible for head shops to sell bongs and other paraphernalia, through the legislature, and it's headed to Governor Crist's desk.

The bill says head shops would have to make 75 percent of their revenue from the sale of tobacco, and only 25 percent can come from drug paraphernalia (even if it can be used for tobacco). Giving the FDA's new harsher limits on tobacco (including the banning of clove cigarettes), this would be impossible and economically disastrous to most head shops.

Never mind the fact that bongs can be made out of anything from apples to soda cans and are available online, and that the bill probably wouldn't do much to curb drug use in the state. Besides, we're sure there's someone out there who actually uses bongs and other smoking devices for tobacco. Plus they make interesting and eye-catching flower vases (no, we didn't learn that from Martha Stewart).

Surprisingly (or not), most head shop owners haven't been the most active types, and only one spoke out against the bill at a House committee hearing.

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