Bill Parcells Is Good At Drafting

Some dude from the Union-Tribute wrote an 800 word piece on how he too does not know what Bill Parcells will do with the Dolphins' first overall pick. But he does make some neat observations, like how Parcells has done nothing but study tapes on college players and talk to coaches about the draft since he got here.

After Parcells was appointed the director of football operations of the Miami Dolphins in December, he presented himself for a news conference. He has not had another. When NFL executives gathered in Palm Beach, Fla., for the league's spring meetings, Parcells was not among them. His days are taken up with viewing tapes and meeting with the coaches...

Nothing but eat, shit, eat, eat, watch player tapes, eat, talk to coaches, shit, eat and watch more player tapes for our man, Boobsicles! Very cool. The Tribune also tells us that, according to Fins senior VP Harvey Greene, Parcells loves the draft. And is good at drafting.

“He loves the draft,” said Harvey Greene, a senior vice president of the Dolphins. “He's good at it. He and Jimmy Johnson are the best I've seen. He built three teams (the Giants, Jets and Patriots).

"He's good at it. He built three teams." Harvey doesn't fuck around when it comes to the facts. Later on Harvey told the Tribune that "the sun is yellow," and that "Scarlett Johansen has big tits."

Like all of you, I've been excited to see what Parcells will do in the draft. But I am even more inspired and determined to see what will be done now thanks to the immortal words of Harvey Green: "He's good at it."

Just like Jimmy Johnson was. Like when he drafted Yatil Green, and John Avery, and JJ Johnson*, and Jamar Fletcher** with each of his first round picks with the Dolphins.

Ah shit.


*I know. Triple J was a second round pick not a first rounder, since Miami didn't have a first-round pick that year. Sheesh. Nothing more irritating than a know-it-all douchebag. **As Roro pointed out, Fletcher was actually a Wannstedt guy. Douche. -- Chris Joseph

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