Bill Nelson's Son's Drunken Arrest Used as Ammo By Republicans

Somehow Republicans were able to keep a straight face today by declaring that bringing up their own candidate's history of drunken arrests was "disappointing" and then bringing up a Democrat's son drunken arrests.

Connie Mack IV, your Republican nominee for Senate, had a habit of drunken shenanigans, occasionally ending in arrest, in his youth. He once even got into a fight with a MLB player after downing Jäger. Predictably, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson's campaign hasn't let this gone unknown.

While bringing up candidate's childish behavior in their youth is pretty commonplace (how often have we heard about Barack Obama's cocaine use and rumors of George W. Bush's?), National Republican Senatorial Committee executive director Rob Jesmar thinks it's disappointing.

"It is disappointing that 40-year politician Bill Nelson would use an event that took place in his opponent's personal life 20 years ago to distract from his own abysmal record," Jesmar said according to the Buzz.

Well, yes, Mr. Jesmar, perhaps it would be best if campaign could start trying to find every negative thing in a person's past to use to score cheap campaign points. Wait...

"Such an attack is particularly surprising, considering that Nelson's own son was recently arrested for both disorderly intoxication and assaulting a police officer," he continued.

Oh, good Lord, Jesmar, you can't pretend to be above that kind of campaigning and then bring it up yourself! This is why people hate politics! And you wonder why people think political operatives are opportunistic, hypercritical, cold-blooded blowhards?

And Nelson's son arrest wasn't "recent." It was in 2006. Six years ago. You can read the details here.

But, let's check back in with Jesmar.

"Floridians deserve better than the type of gutter-style politics that Senator Nelson is engaging in," he continues.

So, then, uh, why don't you stop engaging in "gutter-style politics" yourself?

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