Bill McCollum Is Outraged That Rick Scott Lets Homosexuals Use the Internet

The Republican primary for the governor's chair is quickly heading toward full-out insanity. Yesterday, billionaire "conservative outsider" Rick Scott attacked his rival, Attorney General Bill McCollum, for supporting "pro-homosexual" Rudy Giuliani. Now McCollum's campaign has struck back by pointing out that gays use a social networking site Scott had invested in.

Yes, it is 2010. Yes, it is completely disgusting that politicians and their supposedly professional, educated staff are still trying to find any little tenuous connection their opponent has to anything "gay" and then flinging it at each other in an attempt to score political points with a backward base of idiot bigots. 

Feeling a need to strike back at Scott's campaign for circulating the facts that McCollum supported Giuliani's presidential bid and that Giuliani happens to not totally hate homosexuals, McCollum's campaign

has begun sending emails to powerful political  journalists

 that a website Scott has invested in is used by homosexuals! The horror! 

Two aids from McCollum's campaign sent an email to Politico editor Ben Smith, pointing out Scott has invested in QuePasa.com. The general social networking site, which like most social networking sites rightly sees no reason to exclude gays, has a few user-created "communities" catering to homosexuals. 

Says Smith

Two McCollum aides emailed me with this hot piece of oppo yesterday, describing Quepasa as a "gay dating site."

This doesn't seem terribly newsy, but I did ask both of the McCollum advisers what their candidate's position on this issue is. In particular, is he saying that -- as well as not being able to marry and adopt -- gays shouldn't even be permitted to date?

No response so far.

Scott's many business investments have become an issue in the campaign. 

Yeah, it's interesting, in a sadly ironic way, to point out that Scott invested in a company that helped illegal immigrants send remittance back to Mexico and a social networking site that catered to Mexicans when he has built his entire campaign on the fact that he supports Arizona's controversial immigration bill, which some see as straight-out racist and anti-Mexican. 

It's another thing entirely to be so homophobic and desperate as to comb through the site to discover that gays (omg, breaking news!) use the Internet, and then circulate it to the media like it's a big scoop. How out of touch are these people? 

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