Bill Clinton Expected to Draw a Constellation of Young Stars to UM this Weekend

University of Miami will be hosting former President Bill Clinton's third-annual Global Initiative University meeting this weekend, and while Clinton will be attracting the over-50 club to the event, plenty of those still not eligible for a social security check are gearing up for appearances by a flock of charity-conscious celebrities.

Who can attendees expect to see? First off, there's Heather Graham, who'll be presenting a session on alleviating poverty in America. Let's hope she doesn't literally take the clothes off her back, like she does in most of her films, for the cause.

Also scheduled to make an appearance is Kalpen Modi, aka Kumar from the Harold and Kumar series. The stoner-movie icon turned White House associate director of public engagement will be hosting a student welcoming reception on Friday evening. Maybe  Kumar will supply some herbal party favors.

Then there's Usher. Or as he will be referred to at the conference,

Usher Raymond IV, founder of Usher's New Look foundation. Hopefully, the

Twitter war he's waging with his ex-wife and the success of his recent

album, Raymond v. Raymond, won't shadow his effort to legitimize his

youth-oriented charity.  

Other anticipated star speakers are rapper and global clean water

activist, Kenna; singer Mandy Moore, and maybe, just maybe, Beiber fever

will sweep the campus. Yes, Justin Beiber might show his tousled

dirty-blonde hair, contributing his glittering smile and pre-pubescent

vocal skills to the charity effort.

What participants can look forward to: workshops and meetings focused on

five topics that are important to colleges across the country:

education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights,

alleviating poverty, and public health.

Expect traffic to be backed up around the Bank United Center in Coral

Gables throughout the weekend, with secret service on full alert.

-- Karina Chavarria

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Karina Chavarria
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