Bill Clinton Ate Dinner With Cameron Diaz Then Went to Ochocinco's Birthday Party

South Beach apparently has a hot new party it boy, and his name is former President Bill Clinton. Yes, Bubba hit up the town last night in grand fashion. First, he dined with Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez at Prime One Twelve before crashing football loony Chad Ochocinco's star-studded birthday party, which also attracted the likes of Evelyn Lozada and Trina.

Clinton, Diaz, and Rodriguez were spotted eating outside at seemingly every star's favorite South Beach steak house Prime 112. It seems from pictures that they were part of a larger group, but the gossips report that the trio spent most of the time chatting amongst themselves and drowning red wine.

Clinton, surrounded by secret service, left separately but wasn't ready to call it a night. He then, for some reason, hit up Chad Ochocinco's surprise birthday party and took some pictures with the man of the hour.

"Last night was awesome but who was responsible for Bill Clinton coming to two step with me? Secret service ain't had no damn rhythm," Ochocinco later Tweeted.

I wonder if Clinton also got to meet Ochocinco's girlfriend and reality HBIC Evelyn Lozada and Trina?

Or if he got a piece of Ochocinco's Christian Louboutin cake?

​While he's not quite reached Berlusconi levels just yet, it seems Clinton is having a lot of fun in his post-presidency. George W. Bush could not be reached for comment because he was too busy clearing brush in Crawford, Texas.

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Kyle Munzenrieder