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June’s U.S. Conference of Mayors gave some love to bicyclists across nation. There’s much we may anticipate based on their proclamations. Here’s the short version:

The broadly named Transportation and Communications Committee drafted a resolution titled “Ensuring Bicycling is Integrated into National Transportation, Climate, Energy and Health Policy Initiatives.” This document is loaded with good news for bicycle riders and commuters. This is another step among the multiple opportunities Mayor Manny Diaz recently seized to reverse the city of Miami’s legacy as a bicycling death trap. The consensus of our nation’s mayors in bringing the resolution to their own cities is an added perk.

The message of the proclamation reflects the recent Bicycle Month declaration for Miami’s cyclists, envisioning a bike-friendly Miami and a Bicycle Action Committee to ensure its development. Translate Miami’s proclamation to a national dialogue and you get exhilarating affirmations such as “the U.S. Conference of Mayors encourages the development and implementation of a coordinated national bicycling strategy aimed to increase safe bicycle use as a mode of transportation.”

The resolution asks mayors across the country to create bicycle action plans and take their initiatives Congress. Calling on the Capitol is ambitious, but the affirmations are tasty. The mayors have asked that “the next federal transportation reauthorization…establish policies and funding mechanisms” to provide federal incentives to cities creating positive conditions for bicyclists. Sounds lovely!

Visit Transit Miami for the full transcript of the document.

While the proclamation does not ensure action regarding its initiatives, it’s inspiring to see a dialogue developing regarding bicycle accommodations. A major reinforcement to call the mayors out on their intentions is public support. Write some emails, make a couple of calls, show some love, and make your officials know that you want to see them put their intentions to action.

This has been a good year for Miami’s bicyclists. Our city officials seem to be jumping into their saddles for new initiatives, and it’s encouraging to see other cities riding along. The support of officials such as Commissioner Joe Sanchez and his Green Commission is further reinforced when we he is spotted on community rides or cycling around on his mountain bike. Seeing the officials support the cause by civic action as well as actually hopping onto a bicycle is inspiring, to say the least. Mayor Diaz is as always welcome to go for a ride anytime.

- Adam Schachner

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