Beyonce and Jay-Z Are In Cuba Right Now

Beyonce and Jay-Z are dangerously in love, and are apparently celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary possibly illegally. The two were spotted in Havana, Cuba, yesterday, which, you know, might be against U.S. law.

According to The AP, Jay-Z and King B were spotted eating at the La Guarida restaurant last night, a restaurant that has hosted several celebrities before, including Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, Danny Glover, Will Smith, and Jim Belushi.

Fans of course got word rather quickly, and assembled outside shouting Beyonce's name. Eventually the singer came out to wave.

The pair then spent today touring colonial Havana while Jay puffed away on a Cuban. Apparently that "Welcome to Havana / Smoking Cubana's with Castro in cabanas" line "Otis" came at least partially true.

No one is really sure how legal the trip is. The embargo forbids Americans from traveling to Cuba for tourism reasons, but exceptions are made for people traveling for academic, journalistic, religious and cultural reasons.

The pair's publicists would not inform the AP as to why exactly the couple is there.

While The Miami Herald has reigned in the Wild West of its comment section lately, there is of course some debate going on:

And obviously it's front-page news over at El Nuevo.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.