Bestiality Might Remain Legal in Florida

Yesterday, the state Senate unanimously voted to make bestiality an official crime in Florida.  So, off to the house the bill went, where the Buzz is reporting that it might not make its way out of committee.

It's not that, publicly anyway, anyone opposes making bestiality a crime. It's just that they seem to be too damn busy.

Right now, anyone caught in an act of passion with an animal is generally charged with animal cruelty, and not sex-related crimes. So it's not really legal, but it's technically not illegal either. Though, it's just one of those things you suspect should actually be on the books.

It really shows how inefficient and out-of-whack our legislature is when they can't even get it together to pass a law that no one really opposes, and most people would assume is already in effect.

Welcome to Florida, a state where sexual act with animals is still technically legal, and "sodomy" (aka sexual acts with other humans) was technically illegal until 2003.

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