Belatedly, Fidel Castro Condemns Israel Flotilla Raid, Gaza Blockade

El Mas Supremo got out of his crypt Wednesday to give us his two cents on Israel's attack of an aid flotilla heading to Gaza.

Writing in his irregular column, Reflecciones, Fidel Castro called the sinking of the flotilla "a brutal attack" caused by a "fanatic," uncontrollable Israel.

On Sunday, as we've all read, Israel intercepted a boat full of activists and journalists that was

attempting to penetrate its blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza. Shots were fired at some point- it's still unclear who shot first - and six people died.

Except for the United States, the attack has been harshly criticized internationally. Castro is only the latest pundit to join the loud crowd of critics, probably the first time in decade he's sided with the majority opinion on anything.

Naturally, he's not big on subtlety. He blames the United States for emboldening Israel to bombard Palestinians with "a fury truly Nazi fascist." Huh.

And he doesn't stop there, ladies and gents. In the wide-ranging column, he also takes on the sinking of the South Korean navy ship the Cheonan. The United States, Japan and South Korea all say there's strong evidence North Korea torpedoed the ship. But Fidel says Kim Jong Il would "never give such an order." Guess it takes one to know one.

Sadly, the cold bastard did not save room in the column to express condolences for Rue McClanahan's passing. One can only assume it's because he doesn't believe in death.

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