Behind the Scenes Jersey Shore Videos Show Snooki Making Vodka-Banana Smoothies

We're just two days away from the what's shaping up to be the most important moment in Miami-set TV show history since the premiere of Miami Vice. Yes, the start of Season 2 of Jersey Shore. The LA Times visited the set in May and came back with "exclusive" behind-the-scenes footage. It's not exactly as riveting as the show itself, but it involves vodka smoothies, abs, tattoos, and a producer critiquing a sushi restaurant that I actually rather enjoyed.

The first video, shot in May, begins in the production truck, where they're talking about JWoww and Snooki filming at Planet Sushi. (Oddly enough, back in May, a friend and I walked into Planet Sushi when Snooki and JWoww were filming.) One of the producers loudly proclaims, "That place is like the Denny's of sushi, I swear to God. They have, like, pictures... It's not for me. I can't deal with pictures on the menu. Not for sushi."

I mean, I happened to really like Planet Sushi, but then again, I really like Denny's. Maybe that's a matter for Short Order.

Then we see Snooki and JWoww "working out" at Xtreme Gym, followed by Ronnie getting a tattoo at Miami Tattoo Inc., and finally Snooki making a smoothie made entirely of bananas and vodka.

In the second video, we see some of the boys visiting an Italian deli, the producers making fun of the cast for arguing about money, and Snooki partying at Tantra.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.