Beckham Says Team Won't Be Named Miami Vice, Clarifies He Won't Be Involved Day-to-Day
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Beckham Says Team Won't Be Named Miami Vice, Clarifies He Won't Be Involved Day-to-Day

The future of David Beckham's Major League Soccer team in Miami has been stuck on one question since it was announced in February 2014: Where are they going to play? While the most likely scenario at the moment seems to be a new stadium near Marlins Park, that question remains stubbornly unanswered months later. 

Of course, we all have other questions we'd like answered as well. What will the team be called? What will the kits look like? Who will be the coach? Will we get international star players? How involved will Beckham actually be? 

In an interview with the British paper the Daily Star, Beckham finally gave some vague answers to some of these queries. 

Perhaps the biggest question is what the team will actually be called. The investment group behind it has been dubbed "Miami Beckham United," but Beckham confirmed that that won't necessarily be the team's name. So far that's undetermined, but he did rule out one choice that seems to be popular on the internet. 

"I actually heard Miami Vice the other day — it's NOT going to be that!" Beckham told the paper. (Emphasis theirs, not ours.

Ah, come on Beckham! We know over in Europe they like to give their sports teams proper-sounding names that sound like mutual funds. Things like Sausageham United and Real Dresden, or whatever, but in America we give our teams stupid nicknames. Apparently Miami Vice is a bridge too far for the Englishmen, though. Granted, lawyers for Universal Television, the production company behind the Miami Vice television series, might not be fans of it either. 

I guess these kit mock-ups will remain only the thing of dreams. 

For what it's worth, the Palm Beach Post did report last year that the team did use a mockup of the Miami Vice logo in a presentation. 

We guess the team probably won't have a dance squad dubbed the Golden Girls either. 

Beckham said he's also heard names like Miami Reds and Miami United thrown around but said he'll probably get the public involved in deciding the name. 

Beckham also confirmed that he won't be involved much in the day-to-day operations of the team.

"I want the team to be successful and the club to be successful, so I think I have to be demanding," he said. "I definitely won't get involved in team decisions though — the way players are playing and things like that ... But I'm not going to manage or coach. I won't get involved in any of that. I will just be the owner."

Beckham also added that the goal for the team's first season has been moved from the previously reported date of 2017 to 2018. 

Of course, that brings us back to the first question: Where will they play? 

"So hopefully in the next six weeks we'll be able to announce the site of the stadium, the stadium plans and then we'll move on — it's really exciting," he says.

Six weeks, folks. 

Just another six weeks and hopefully that big question will finally be answered. 

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