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Beach Commissioner Will Give You Pizza and Cupcakes To Clean Up After Spring Breakers

Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin may be behind a recently revived proposal to allow alcohol on the beach, but that doesn't mean he is in favor of trashing the place.

In fact, the mayoral candidate feels so strongly about keeping the sands clean he is going to spend his Saturday picking up trash left by spring breakers. He's even offering free pizza and cupcakes to those who help him.

But for god's sake, bring some gloves.

Trash pickers can meet Libbin and fellow commissioner Jorge Exposito at the orange PAL tent at the easternmost end of South Point Drive on Saturday at noon. Cupcakes will be provided by Lee & Marie's Cakery.

Libbin could not be reached for comment on his plan to purge the sands of puke and beer cans left by thousands of scantily clad college students.

But he did leave Riptide a message saying our article on opposition to his alcohol proposal was "unfair."

Libbin's idea is to allow hotels and other companies with existing beach concessions to serve alcohol in designated areas of the beach. It would not allow people to bring booze to the beach.

"We're not talking about expansion, and setting up renegade bars on the beach... We're talking about something that's been going on for umpteen years," Libbin told the Miami Herald. "You can't serve too much alcohol. You have to keep the place clean. You'll be legally liable."

Before you agreed to the pizza-and-cupcake deal, let's revisit what you might be in for:

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