Bath Salts Found in Facebook Killer's Home

The twisted tale of Derek Medina, the South Miami man who shot his wife and then posted pictures of her body on Facebook, has taken another strange turn. According to CBS Miami, his lawyers have filed paperwork with the court declaring that bath salts were found in the couple's home. Medina's defense team believes that the victim, Jennifer Alfonso, may have been using the drug and wants tests to be done to see if the drug was in her system at the time of her death.

The defense claims that a form of synthetic ecstasy was found hidden in a bottle of Alfonso's garlic supplements.

Before Medina shot Alfonso, she was shown in surveillance video from inside the house hitting Medina. Bath salts can cause aggressiveness, anger and panic.

"It's a cursory look into something that could potentially be substantial," defense attorney Saam Zangeneh told the station. "It's got the appeal that if we can connect the dots, it could be substantial in the outcome of this case."

Medina is charged with first-degree murder, but his defense team is claiming that he acted in self-defense when he shot his wife point-blank in the head in the couple's kitchen. They claim that Alfonso had been constantly hitting Medina and threatened him with a knife.

A journal belonging to Alfonso, entitled "Inside the Mind of an Insane Woman," may also be brought up in the case. However, friends and family of Alfonso claim that Medina was the abusive one, and that Alfonso had left him several times.

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