Barf: Nick Saban Statue to be Erected

Is that all Nick Saban wanted? A statue? Because, the former Dolphins coach is actually going to get one in Alabama after leading the Crimson Tide to a BCS Championship.

We could have erected a statue of you Saban! You didn't have to sneak out of town with your lying pants afire.

Just kidding, we probably couldn't have given you a statue. The Dolphins would have presented this huge plan to erect a Saban statue. And the public would be, "That's great, but who's paying for it?"

"The tax payers, of course," the Fins would reply.

Then there would have been this protracted fight in county hall. Eventually Norman Braman would have sued to put the statue erection to a referendum. If it ever would have been built it would probably have been another gross Britto creation. And at the end of it some county commissioner would have been indicted for siphoning money from the project and giving his nephew a lucrative, no-bid statue maintenance contract.

Whatever. Eventually the Crimson Tide will regret it when his

mega-contract runs out and he sneaks off to greener pastures. He did it

to LSU. He did it to the 'Fins, and eventually he'll do it to 'Bama.

In the meantime, we can all be glad the 'Canes don't follow the Tides'

tradition of erecting statues for coaches who win a national title.

Thank God there's not a marble replica of Larry Coker in Coral Gables.

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Kyle Munzenrieder