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Bar Girl "Crystal" Accused of Drugging SoBe Oil Tycoon Thanks to New Times Piece

"Crystal" has many faces and many aliases, but her M.O., according to police, is thoroughly consistent: Cozying up to men at high-end clubs, heading home with them, and then drugging them and walking out with all their jewelry. The scam has netted the 25-year-old con artist and her crew of lovely thieving ladies more than $1 million, police say.

Crystal, whose real name is Subhannah Beyah, is already facing grand theft charges in Broward over her alleged crime spree. Now she's accused of fleecing a South Beach-based oil tycoon who turned her into police after reading a New Times feature about her last month.

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The oil magnate is 61-year-old Thomas Morgan, the Miami Herald reports, and his unfortunate encounter with Crystal came last February at downtown's Zuma restaurant.

As usual, Beyah approached the older man at the bar, made friends and talked him into heading back to his condo in South Beach; en route, she mixed him a roophie-colada, which knocked him unconscious soon after they got to his place.

Police say she walked out with all the jewelry in his safe.

The crime had gone unsolved for more than a year until Morgan happened to read Miami New Times feature story last month on Beyah and her gang of accomplices.

Morgan recognized the woman named Crystal, who Broward police say led a gang of women that ripped off more than a dozen men, including NFL player Shaun Rogers, who told police he lost $400,000 in jewelry from his Fontainebleau hotel room. (Charges in that case were later dropped when Rogers refused to cooperate.)

Beyah's attorney says she'll be cleared of the latest charges, though.

"I've yet to see a speck of evidence that my client was involved in any way or ever met the supposed victim," Jonathan Meltz says in a statement. "We'll defend this case as aggressively as we did the Shaun Rodgers case. In the end, I'm confident the result will be the same. The State will drop the charges and Subhanna will be cleared of any wrongdoing. She looks forward to going home and seeing her children."

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