Baltimore Ravens Should Be Ashamed for Dissing Miami Heat Parade on Twitter

Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct. The Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens threw massive shade at the Miami Heat today on their official



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accounts by posting some selective side-by-side shots of the Miami Heat's championship parade and their own Super Bowl celebration.

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That's a pretty big dis from one city that stole something from Cleveland and went on to win a championship to another city that stole something from Cleveland and went on to win a championship. Besides that, the image is completely misleading.

The Baltimore Ravens' official victory rally was only planned as an in-stadium event with the idea that about 30,000 people would show up. About 75,000 people actually showed up. The ensuing shit show prompted the Huffington Post to run with the headline "Stabbing, Trampling Dim Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Parade." Not really sure if that's a party you should be proud of throwing.

The Miami Heat victory parade was a well-planed event that attracted an estimated 400,000 people (about the population of the entire city of Miami proper) and went off without a hitch. There wasn't a single arrest.

And as @E29Miami points out, that wasn't a very representative shot of the Miami Heat parade.

This is just a low blow that comes completely out of nowhere. Hell, what city do you think produced most of your best players last year? Ray Lewis? Ed Reed? Damien Berry? Bryant McKinnie? Tommy Streeter? All University of Miami grads, and most of us down here were glad to see them win.

Heat fans take enough shit because everyone thinks we're all the rich bozos who buy courtside seats and show up in the second quarter and people who don't even live here who were Lakers fans four years ago. So if you're going to come for the real fans, at least come correct.

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