Can't stop. Won't stop.
Can't stop. Won't stop.
C. Stiles

Balls Out: Miami FC Joins Renegade Soccer League

Depending on how much of a die-hard soccer fan you are, watching South Florida's pro soccer team Miami FC's front-office machinations can be more interesting than any of its on-field action.

In its effort to survive, the club has tried everything. It's signed the Barry Bonds of soccer -- and then two freshly-minted Cuban defectors. The team has switched stadiums, and everybody has shaved their heads. If you're a fan of the underdog, you are obligated by law to love Miami FC.

Today, the club announced that it and six other teams are leaving the USL-1 league to form a new competing circuit. The rebellion was sparked by disagreement over control of the league. The new, as-yet-unnamed, league will include teams from Montreal, Vancouver, Atlanta, South Carolina, Minnesota, and St. Louis.

The most important aspect of the news: it means our hometown squad will live to see another year.


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