Axwell and Ingrosso Ask Marco Rubio to Stop Playing Their Song

The staccato synths and backbeat thundered through the Freedom Tower just after Marco Rubio wrapped up his big speech Monday announcing he's joining the race for the White House. Staffers and supporters cheered and danced as the familiar lyrics blasted out: "We belong to something, we belong to something new."

The hit by Axwell and Ingrosso was a savvy choice by a senator known for his EDM soft spot, but the ex-Swedish House Mafia members aren't thrilled about "Something New" becoming a GOP anthem. The pair has asked Rubio to quit blasting their track on the campaign trail.

"Axwell and Ingrosso didn't give their permission for this song to be used and don't want to be affiliated with a particular party during the upcoming presidential race," the musicians tell Business Insider.

Rubio hasn't responded to the DJs' request (New Times has asked his spokesman for a comment, but we haven't heard back yet.) 

But he's not backing down from his very Miami musical leanings. TMZ caught up with Rubio at the D.C. airport yesterday and got him to back away from his campaign boilerplate long enough to talk up his current playlist of David Guetta and Nicky Minaj:

Rubio isn't the first Republican to run into this problem on the campaign trail. Both the Foo Fighters and John Mellencamp went after John McCain for using their songs on the trail, and Tom Petty asked Dubya to quit playing "I Won't Back Down." More recently, Dropkick Murphys told Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, "We literally hate you," after he used their cover of "Shipping Up to Boston" at a rally.

The real question is whether Rubio has asked Minaj about making "Anaconda" his new campaign trail anthem. A bold choice for a new tomorrow, Senator! 
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