Awkward: Cavaliers Change Hotel Plans to Avoid Bumping into Heat

How awkward and tense have things gotten between the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers? Apparently it's so bad that the Cavaliers have changed their hotel plans in order to avoid bumping into the Heat. Both teams are on extended road trips on the West Coast. Both teams will be playing mid-week games in Los Angeles. Both teams were scheduled to stay in the hotel, until of course, the Cavs balked.

The Heat take on the LA Clippers and their budding superstar Blake Griffin on Wednesday, and the Cavs take on Kobe and the Lakers on Tuesday, but the real drama is apparently off the court. Both teams arrived in Los Angeles late last night, and both were supposed to stay at what ESPN only described as a a landmark hotel in Beverly Hills, one frequented by visiting NBA teams."

Though, when the Cavs got wind LeBron would be in the building they shifted their arrangements.

Of course, Cavaliers officials claim to ESPN it was for practical and not personal reasons.

According to team officials, the Cavs made a decision to attempt to avoid staying at the same hotel as any other NBA team because of the strain it puts on the staffs. NBA teams require the use of various meeting rooms, suites and laundry facilities that would tax any hotel. However, the hotel in question frequently hosts multiple NBA teams at once.
Instead, the Cavs will stay at another five-star hotel a few blocks away.

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Kyle Munzenrieder