Average Worker in Miami-Dade Makes $57,034-a-Year

Ever wonder how much you're making in comparison to the rest of the workforce in Miami-Dade. Well, if you're pulling in less than $57,034-a-year you're below average, according to statistics compiled by The Business Journals. That makes Miami-Dade the fourth best compensated county on average in Florida, and the 116th major county in America. Surprisingly, Miamians make more on average than residents of both Broward and Palm Beach counties.

That $57,034-a-year figure is based on median income for all workers in the county from 2009. That means that those at the top making exorbitant amounts a year may tease the number up, and its likely that the majority of Miamians makes less than $57,000 years.

Those numbers are different than another estimate of how much each Miamian makes based on Per Capita Personal Income. That's calculated by total income in the county divided by total population, and not, like these numbers, by the total job force .According to figures based on that date released in April, Miamians made only $36,357-a-year. That also meant Miamians made far less than workers in neighboring counties.

These figures however show that Miami-Dade the fourth best compensated county in Florida, behind only Duval (Jacksonville), Hillsborough (Tampa) and Okaloosa (in the Panhandle). Though, on average those in Jacksonville aren't making that much more. Their average is $58,505.

Palm Beach and Broward came in 5th and 7th, respectively.

In counties with more than 100,000 jobs, Miami-Dade has the 116th highest average pay nationally. Only workers in Manhattan and Arlington County in Virginia make more than $100,000 on average annually.

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