Austin Lee Bowlin Arrested for Threatening on Twitter to Shoot Up Miami Lakes School

Miami-Dade Police have arrested 16-year-old Austin Lee Bowling for making threats to shoot up the Miami Lakes Educational Center on the one-week anniversary of the the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. In addition to threats about shooting fellow students, Bowling also tweeted that he had no sympathy for the victims of last week's tragedy.

"Making a list and checking it twice. We're about to see who gets shot up real nice," Bowling allegedly tweeted after his principal made an announcement about school safety on Monday.

"Finna shoot up the school this Friday. Prepare yourself," he continued.

"Just cause this school has a 'safety plan' don't mean shit. I would have walked in today with a gun in my bag and shot my whole class. Dead."

"Yeah. Bunch of little kids died. I could care less. And my school announces it like it matters, Safe? I could shoot this school up easily," he concluded.

His Twitter feed also included a picture of the Columbine High School massacre.

"This individual showed a pattern of behavior that would be worrisome to any parents, teacher or community member," Miami-Dade Lt. Rosanna Cordero-Stutz told the Miami Herald.

Bowling has already been released from juvenile detention. No weapons were found at his home. He's been suspended from school, and will likely be expelled.

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Kyle Munzenrieder