Misty May-Treanor no doubt owes her second Gold Medal to the noted coaching skills of George W. Bush.

At Least a Marlin's Wife Can Win

The Marlins are mostly poorly paid rooks. Most don't have championship gold at home. But catcher Matt Treanor will get to touch his wife's gold medal. That is, if she forgives him for not watching the game.

While Misty May-Treanor was picking up her second gold medal in beach volleyball with partner Kerri Walsh, Matt was warming up a pitcher in the Marlins bullpen during last night's loss to the Giants. Sadly, hubby is rehabbing from a hip injury, and hasn't been in the line up since June. So, to show his dedication to the boys, he promised to spend the game in the dugout rather than watching the game on the Tube.

His lame-brained plan: have a friend in the crowd hold up flash cards announcing the score of his wife's match in China.

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Hopefully he Tivo'd it though. The Marlins, who have been stinking up the basepaths lately -- or actually not reaching the base paths much -- could use some championship inspiration.

Chad Johnson, he who claims he can beat Michael Phelps in swimmimg, has so far not challenged Misty to a volleyball match up in Liberty City.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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