Assault Rifle-Wielding Cabbie Shoots Police Officer and Witness, Steals Cop Car

Three people are recovering from being shot after a routine traffic stop turned into a bizarre cop-car hijacking and police chase this morning. The incident started around 9 a.m. when a Miami police officer stopped a cab driver for speeding near NE 79th Street and Fourth Avenue. During the stop, the cab driver got out of the car with an assault rifle and began shooting according to NBC Miami

During the first stop, the man shot a police officer who was nearby sitting in his car. 

"The offender attempted to murder our law enforcement brother," reads a statement from Fraternal Order of the Police president Javier Ortiz. "Our officer returned fire and a good samaritan provided cover and rescued him while the offender continued to shoot at him with an assault rifle." 

The exact order of incidents, and who was shot when and where are still unclear. 

However, after shooting at officers the cab driver then jumped into an unattended patrol car and took off. Officers followed him all the way into North Miami. The stolen cop car was eventually stopped at NE 15th Avenue and 125th Street. 

At this location, the cab driver again got out of the car and began shooting at another police officer. During this incident, the cab driver hit an innocent woman who happened to be standing nearby. Officers returned fire and hit the suspect with at least one bullet.

The suspect is currently at Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Both victims were also taking to Jackson. No one's condition is available just yet.
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Kyle Munzenrieder