Art Basel? There's an App For That

Art Basel Miami Beach is a confusing carnival of art. Sure there's gallery assistants there to help you, but let's be honest, they're probably busy talking to someone who's looking to buy something. There's the multi-pound mega catalog, but that's impractical to tote around and browse through. So unless you're a walking dictionary of art, or happen to have a friend who is, the whole thing can be overwhelming. Luckily this year ABMB has released a killer app for smart phones to help you navigate through the modern art mad house.

Looking a little pretentious or eccentric is never really a concern during Art Basel, but the app allows you to walk around with your iPad or iPhone firmly in your hand with out looking like a dork or a dick.

The interface features a 3D map of the Miami Beach Convention Center which highlights where particularly galleries are. Once you click on a gallery you can then browse pictures and information of all the artwork they're displaying and file away your favorites. Hell, you could almost browse the entire fair with out actually setting foot on South Beach.

The app is in its very first year and claims to offer the following features:

- Search, browse and locate exhibition
sectors, galleries and artists on the 3D map

- Search through thousands of artworks present at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

- Synchronize gallery contact data to your address-book

- Email Art Basel Miami Beach exhibitors directly from within the application

- Find galleries and visitor services, and access detailed information

- Discover Art Public, Oceanfront and other sites and events around the Miami Beach Convention Center

- Display the entire Art Basel Miami Beach event program

- Access useful information regarding travel, accommodation and ticketing

- Save galleries, artists and events in a personal favorite list and display them together on the 3D map

- Synchronize events to your personal calendar

- Share and comment galleries, artists, artworks and events to your friends via Email and Twitter

- Use the app to document your visit and take notes and photographs within the application

- Additionally, you can regularly update the app's data and images using the built-in update functionality, and you can opt to use the application offline to avoid roaming costs.

The free app is available for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry while a stripped down web based version is available for other smart phones. Sorry Droid users. Download it here.

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Kyle Munzenrieder